Well That’s Absurd

“Get lost you snob.”

I fell into a chat fight with my ex-colleague. We had worked together for one year. It started with a casual talk. When I was her senior, she left no chance to adore my requirement gathering skills. Today, she left no word to abuse me. She terribly wanted to know why I left IT job.

“I do not gel up quickly with people; IT is more about great socializing skills and clever ideas. I do not think I have any. Who cares about work there?”

Little did I know that this one sentence will fire her butt?

“You mean we people in IT are not working?”-she replied.

I read my chat once again and cursed for clicking the send button.

“I mean I really do not find a point in getting ready early because my boss wants me behind the desk.”

I tried my humor, but failed.

“Then you are a one lazy person. Corporate world needs active and hard working people.”

“Hey, no one has booted me out.”-I wrote to calm her.

“I wanted to be a writer and that is what I am doing.”

“Well, how many books have you written so far?”-she questioned.

“None.”-I replied, though her question offended me. If I have not written a book, I have no right to call myself a writer. Where did that come from?

“So you are not even a writer?”-she did not stop.

“I am, I write promotional content for some of the most reputed brands in India.”

“How much you earn?”-here she comes.

I did not realize when our chat turned into question answer round. I kept answering though. May be I was really free and hoping to make her understand why I chose to be a freelancer. Till now, all my efforts failed.

“Monthly around 50 thousand, sometimes 60 thousand if the project is crucial”.-I replied with a pride.

“See I monthly earn 1.5 lakh. I have earned this place from hard work. And after 6 years you are still there.”

Now she got my nerve.

“Typical Delhi girl, showing off money. May be you are the first female in your family to be in a job”

I cursed myself twice for clicking the send button. All the chat messengers must come with the pop up messages asking “do you really want to send” or “are you sure” with an alarming tone when a person tries to send absurd messages.

Then come the popular, not so popular, small, and big (every size) abuses from her end. I wished she does not tell this to her brothers (if any) or my computer is either locked or my FB account is hacked.

The last message from her said, “Get lost you snob”.

I blocked her from FB, Gmail and other social media platforms, and changed my password.

Do not laugh, but I really installed this famous anti-virus on my PC and prayed to the god.

AC was full in the cafeteria, but I was sweating.


“So why did you choose the role of Professional Service provider (PSP) over permanent employment?”

I was sitting in the interview room. It was Dolce Media’s office in India. They wanted a creative content writer to promote their services.

“Sir as a PSP I charge less. You only have to pay as much as I have written which is quite reasonable in comparison to the permanent employee’s salary. I need more exposure. I have delivered more than 1000 documents in the last two years. I have a successful client retention rate. You can see that on my blog. I seek more exposure by working for the global clients like you.”

Though I really did not mean it, I loved my freedom and that was the most important reason behind being a PSP. But imagine me telling the truth like I did today morning. It would not look good if 5 security guards pull and throw a girl outside the office. Today, I chose to sound more professional with coated words.

And I got the job.

Lesson number 1: See, a person of few and label words always wins the heart.

“So tell me the truth, what did not you join corporate?”

Angie and I were sipping tea while watching the show ‘Friends’. It was Friday night. We decided to watch 2 complete seasons before hitting the bed. Though we took 2 mini breaks in between the episodes. In the 8th episode of Season 2 we stopped as our eyes were getting tired. Before we sleep, she asked me this question.

Well as on to the matter of working from home I was pretty clear about my thoughts.

“I can be creative. Plus, I get to work with different domains. You remember last year I had to write for this resort in Dapoli where I enjoyed 3 days and 2 nights. All the expenses were paid. Though that happens very rare, but still as a freelancer I can choose where I want to write. In the permanent job you are bound to your desk. Now see my friend Neerali is getting married in Gujarat next month. I do not have to mail a leave. Instead I can wake up early and finish my tasks and then enjoy all the functions. I do not have to be in the office to ensure the presence.”

“So basically you love your freedom.”

“In a way yes. And I cannot be a part of bunch where different ideas are coming out and you have to fight for your place. C’mon if mine is good there is no point in competing. I can put my points without fighting. See, when I started this and received just 3 thousand initially. I was barely able to pay you the rent. And now, look where I have reached in 3 years.”

I could see the smile on Angie’s face in that dark room. Unlike my ex-colleague she was happy because I was happy. She has seen me working hard to win the heart of these SEO and IT companies. No one entertains a freelancer, each morning every boss wants his employee behind the desk for the stand up meetings. Initially I would provide free samples. They paid only when they liked sample work given by me. I would charge 30 paisa per word. I have seen bad times where I would sell old newspapers to junkyards to buy the bread and namkeen for lunch. Even in that situation, I never bothered Angie or my parents. Presently, I work for 3 major clients including Dolce Media. Each client expects 500 words a day-which means 1500 words. I only take off on Sundays. Rest of the week I work and hardly take any leave. I do not need to. Plus, I charge 2 rs per word which is more than sufficient for me. I feel proud of myself.

In my all ups and downs Angie stuck to me and still she is here.

Truly said, you cannot get such friends easily. You need to be lucky enough.

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