Morning trek, Hidimba temple, and manali market, time flew quickly. It was the time to say good bye. She hugged each member of the group and left for the bus station. When she started she was alone, today she was returning with lots of beautiful memories. She felt alive, rejuvenated, filled with energy. She knew she will have to face the family on reaching. But opposite to that her father came running to the gate and hugged her tightly asking her not to give such surprises in future. She enjoyed the rest of the days at home and soon packing for Ahmadabad was upon her. Yes! She decided to choose to relocate. Now her family also accepted that their little baby girl is grown up now and can take care of herself. The tour brought bravery, but Job brought independence. She did not require her father’s credit card and cash to finance her upcoming travels. This was the story of Mishka. It was the story of her invisible wings. To read the story from the start visit Hope you liked this short story.