It was a risk to go on a road trip with unknown people, but Mishka had already made her mind. As the early morning trip started she plugged in the nokia bluetooth headset. Her peppy song collection made the moment even more special. Every spot was panoramic, even a fortune was nothing in comparison to the tea stalls on the Shimla Manali road. They would halt anytime and start taking pictures. It was not a planned trip anymore. Mishka was so involved but 56 missed calls on her number gave her goosebumps. It was her family. She got sweats even in the cold. She was sitting with her new friends in some eatery. She found one corner and called them with a dry throat. Her father lashed on her. He eventually came to know through one of her friends. “Dad, I am 22, give me some time I will call you once I reach Manali”. It was very tough to utter those words. “To give you calmness I am absolutely fine. I am with a group and they are nice. Do not take tension”- her father hung the phone in anger but Mishka did not care. She did not want to spoil the mood. She looked out the eatery and saw distant mountains covered with snow. “It’s himalaya, we reckon. We are about to reach Manali.” One of her friends told. That glance gave mishka chills. She never saw such a beauty in her entire life. They continued to ride and reached manali soon. What happens in manali? Is there going to be another hotel room with the best view? We will learn soon in the next part.