As soon the bus hit the road, Mishka fell asleep. A vigorous stroke raised her. It was an accident. Passengers were panicking, few got mild injuries. When she came out of the bus she learnt the driver was badly injured. She checked the time it was still 2:00 in the midnight. On asking she learnt they are on Chandigarh highway. All the passengers walked to the nearest dhaba. She did not notice while boarding the bus in Delhi that she was travelling with the college going youth. She found herself on the middle of the highway which was not less than a nightmare, but seeing people of her age gave her solace. Soon the silent dhaba turned into a party hall. Jute rope beds were occupied. Seeing college friends partying even in the worst condition filled her with excitement. Mishka sat on the chair, ordered food and soon put her head on the table and fell asleep. Around 4:00 in the morning she woke up and looked around the dhaba. Passengers were sleeping on Jute beds under the sky, some were lying on floor inside the dhaba on each other. There was a pile of luggage in the corner. It was the experience of lifetime. She smiled and went back to sleep. What next day would bring? Stay tuned!