As the cool breeze from the window in the train touched her hair she smiled. It took her a while to get comfortable on the seat. Thanks to her favorite songs in the mobile which helped her forget worries. It was 7 in the morning when she learnt she is in Delhi. She came out of the train with heavy feet. It was the decision she had already made, now there is no point looking back. She hired a cab for the day and started with the parathe wali gali. She always wanted to know how Qutub Minar in real looks. Including it, she covered 3 historic places and monuments in a day. She fell in love with Jalebi wala, and Dogra snacks. It was just one day and she had to experience more. Bed in the hotel room overtook her and soon she went to sleep. Will rest of the tour will be the same or bring unexpected surprises? Stay tuned?