Today’s guest Farha Khan


Today we went little far out of the town to wander around. It was just another day. After so many years all the family members agreed to give daily chores a rest and go out. The moment we hit the highway cold breeze welcomed us. We came out of the car and stop at the point where we could see the lovely sunset. That big red sun seemed to be waiting for us only- as if heaven had come down to the earth. You cannot get to see the magic in a city.  I do not know about others but I kept seeing that sun sinking.-Absolutely quiet, as if it is solely saying goodbye to me. Then I realized why tourists pay and go to the places where they can see the beautiful sunset. All of my years I thought why one would pay to watch sunset. Now I understand why people stare at its beauty.

Some people find solace and some get closer to their partner. To some it is unwinding. I was wondering that the same sun in the daytime fills earth with the great light and loses during the sinking. But still it manages to look as graceful as it looks in the daytime. I connected this moment with my life; no matter how bad the day is, tomorrow will come again and you must try with the same effort to achieve your goals. Even if life is trying hard to snatch everything from your hand, you must not lose the hope and nor open the fist. Life will someday bend on knees and surrender.

The sun has gone and it is the time I welcome new day with the same enthusiasm.