My friend once told me that the day you become mother your life is finished. Marriage is a comma in life, but motherhood is a full stop. I did not let that negative view affect my choice and I determined to make my motherhood the best period of my life. I chose to raise my kid by quitting IT job. Aishwarya Rai once said in one of her talks, “I have not given birth to my child just so that someone else can take care of her.” My guts never allowed me to resume the career after my kid was born. My heart never allowed me to hire some nanny or send him to some crèche.


The day he was (his name is Meet) born, my every minute was dedicated to him. 2 and a half years later, I have a time table set for him which helps us lead a happy, active and healthy life.

Today, I will share our timetable.

How we spend mornings?

Baby Songs application helps Meet wake up with a smile. I turn on one of his favorite rhymes in a very little volume and place the gadget near to him. The moment he is completely awake, I hug him for as long as he pleases. After brush and face wash he gets his milk. Meanwhile he is playing with his father in the bed, I prepare breakfast. My husband looks after him meanwhile I prepare lunch for both of them. Right from bathing him to get him ready for the school, my husband makes sure I get a second help.

Benefit: Apart from getting best moment of the day, Meet gets to know his father a bit more. Also, it gives my husband a sense of responsibility as a father. After they both are gone, I give time to my writing and freelancing tasks. Meanwhile my maid cleans the house.

How we spend afternoons?

When Meet is home, I ensure he gets the milk with biscuits before hitting the bed for the afternoon nap. I continue my office work, while he is asleep.  Around 5 in the evening I take tea, and he eats fruits or some snack. I play clays with him. Sometimes we paint and learn different sounds of animals. This is the time I teach him a few extra things, for example, to clean the floor once we are over with the games. In this age he puts his dishes in sink once the meal is over. Even if sometimes I forget to keep my tea cup in the sink, he will pick it up and clean the table.

Benefit: it gives my kid the sense of responsibility. What makes parents think that daily house chores are only for girls and not for boys is beyond my mind? I aim to teach Meet that no matter how successful you become or capable you are to hire posse of house staff I need you to learn basic things. He needs to understand that he should not rely on me or his wife once married to get some basic things done. For example, boiling eggs, or ironing clothes are few things any man must know.

How we spend evenings?

Evening time is to get freshen up and watch some cartoons. Meanwhile he is watching his favorite cartoon, I prepare dinner. It is not good to watch TV for more than an hour, so after one and a half hour I try to indulge Meet in some other activity. For example, scribbling or dancing. I often take him outside for a walk and teach him about the nature and birds.

Benefit: What I believe is that through cartoon TV kids learn what we parents sometimes cannot teach. For example, Meet now identifies any object, animal, and their sound easily.

How we say good night?

Once husband is home we exchange “what we did, what happened, and etc.” and enjoy dinner together. Bed time stories read by his father make Meet go to tight sleep.

Benefit: This activity makes my kid go to bed easily without any fuss.

An active day is helpful for better muscles and bone growth.