There is nothing big I have planned for this holiday. If there were only me and Mayank, we would go to Goa or some nearby beach to celebrate Christmas and New Year, but as we all know, “The set of priorities, planning, and likings change when you are a parent.” So we have decided a small get together at our place only; close friends with their families.

I will be cooking (the menu is not yet decided but pretty excited) and for the first time I am going to be the host of around 6 people. I am planning for 3 course meal, however, Mayank will be taking care of the bar area (well on to this matter, he is excited more than me).

I have dropped the house decoration idea, because with Meet it is a vain even giving a thought to it.

Well as on to the matter of gifts, I am expecting help in the kitchen for that day and Mayank is expecting a Jack Daniel’s.

So what are you planning for the vacations?