One more trick; near my bed father would come up with his flute and play ear candy morning ragas and ask me the name of raga which I would accept as a challenge and win most of the times. My mother’s good voice and father’s strong hold in classical music gave me nice curved cords with the sense of music. According to him I had an opiate voice which comes through heart. I became popular in school due to my singing capabilities and became the only girl to represent my school in all the cultural programs and inter college competitions. I won many awards in respective categories; group, solo song.
Father would take me in his plays as a background singer with which I was on the ninth cloud. Few days passed and he discovered an actress in our home AB. She was good in giving facial expressions during the family talks; tea time, dinner time, get-together etc. She was becoming everybody’s darling. Father was so happy that he wrote an entire script keeping AB in mind and announced the date of play. The show was a great hit and people who didn’t know her before the show now knew her.
The fire to be famous started to grow into me and AB. We would do lots of exercise.
After the office hours father would give me classical training and AB stage presentation techniques. Our plays were mostly rehearsed during summer vacations and presented before monsoon arrival. Our group was of more than 12 people, who kept playing country songs and ridicule during the rehearsals. Childhood time was electrifying, If possible, I would die now to be born again and to be lived those moments again.