A friend is one who understands you, cares for you and tells you when you are wrong. Is it true? Because what if some day I am not in a good mood or something bothered me that day, and if my so called good friend comes to cheer me up, and I abruptly without thinking the consequences shout on him/her. And then the actual colour of the relationship will come up. Either they will make distances from me or stop talking to me. I know if same happens to me, I would do firing of ill words-on the spot, without knowing or exploring that what made my friend shout on me.  But isn’t it something we all should learn that if we call someone a good friend, we should stick to our words, rather than changing opinion because that friend has a nature like a swing.

Most will do change their mind. People want a person, a friend, who is still in nature and compliments your likes and dislikes and your thinking. It is a fake relationship – that’s what exactly I feel for such type of friendship.

I am lucky I have friends who don’t change their mind cause of my mood swinging nature. Neither have I had a style ever to make them do flattering things for me.  They stood by me in all my bad and good moods. They listened to me when I was frustrated, advised me when I was confused, and sometimes even talked to me harshly when I was wrong. But their love for me never changed. They are still the same with me since years and somewhere I know, even if I get stuck somewhere, or in a trouble, they won’t ask a question but come at 3:00 in morning, if required.

I am not sad because I have broke some good relationships cause of my bad words, but happy and I feel blessed to have such a bunch of friends who are there, doesn’t matter what mood I am in.