My sister and I had a strong bond with papa. There are so many lovely moments associated with my father and us that it’s hard to say which one is more cherished than the other. One of the loveliest memories is of story-telling with a touch of papa’s fun style. I and Gudya used to wait for papa to come home after work, take dinner and have him tell us a story.

One of them was a story of two little princesses and a demon “Parangavbhupa”. Well, the story originally had only one princess but for papa, there were two. The story is about a demon that once upon a time, lived in a huge palace on the seabed. He abducted a beautiful princess and kept her in captivation in his palace. Eventually, the innocence of the princess melts the heart of the demon and he fulfils her wish to marry her prince charming. This story is from one of the plays in our English school book. I hardly recall any more details about it, as with papa telling the story, it rarely moved beyond attacking the princess.

When papa used to tell us the story, we would enact as the princess and papa played the role of the demon. He would speak in a heavy tone, make faces and try to scare us. He knew how to add fun to even the grimmest of things. Papa would then bite us on our nose, fingers and ears, tickle us until tuned red laughing out loud, and beg him to stop. He would then lull us to sleep with lots of sweet dreams every night.

Love you dadda…You are still the sweetest demon of my dreamland…