Truely ambitious!
Truely ambitious!

I was watching Priyanka chopra on her new video. I must say where some actresses after having established fame in film industry choose to settle down or colonize, Priyanka Chopra seemed refusing darkness of oblivion so early and may be that’s why she picked new way to maintain her supremacy and startdom in the eyes of world; the new singing sensational diva.

I found her totally a tremendous star on tv and I must admire her truely ambitious nature. After all first album and that too with Will Adams. With all the peppy looks and professional dancers hopping around was a nice treat for me to see an Indian actress blowing fins to the Inernational market.

Along with being ambitious, it would be fair to say Priyanka a smart player. Somewhere piggy chops was also knowing that her career is coming to an end as these days film industry doesn’t any more hesitates launching new talents. There was a time producers used to play safe and put money on reknown celebrity to who the world knows.

But it would be unfair, because becoming a singer was Priyanka’s oldest dream and she has just accomplished her dreams, what is wrong in it? I would like to praise the confidence she had in herself to show her other side to the world.