10 Youngest, Still Highly Skilled Chefs

An expert chef has not only qualities of excellent cooking, but must have extensive knowledge regarding different cuisines, tastes and other elements of cooking. Getting proper food is the prime necessity of a human. Anywhere across the world we go, we find different cuisines and different tastes. So, when we talk about food, how can we forget talented and versatile chefs? In the world, a number of restaurants running huge benefit on the basis of their talents chefs.
We know about the food and chef qualities, but do you know, there are many chefs who started their career in this field at the very early age.

Here, we will introduce ten youngest chefs of the world

Graham Squire

One of the most popular and talented chefs of the UK. Fondly loving of seasonal cuisine, his food brings a modern twist to British food. He has started a career in this field and hence also honored as a craft guild of Chef’s Young Chef of the year award in 2008.

Georgina Dent

Started her career at the age of only 15, won the Young Chef of the Year title at the Observer Food Monthly Awards in 2013 at age of 19. She is considered as the rising star in British Cuisine.

Robert Thompson

At the age of 25, he has got his first Michelin star at Winter Hingham Fields in Lincolnshire and become the youngest British chef ever who gained this achievement.

Anahita Dhondy

Because of a Parsi, offers authentic Parsi dishes that will melt anyone’s heart. Youngest female chef in Delhi, India, she started as a chef manager at the age of only 23.

Ranveer Brar

Started learning the art of kabab making at the age of only 17. One of the youngest, still recognized by multiple international organizations as a special skill in food making.

Soham Deshpande

With his amazing culinary skills, he handles hospitality industry. Only at the age of 23, he is already working with the popular brand of Marriot International as a chef.

Stevie parle

A chef, food writer and TV anchor, one of the youngest chefs has traveled intensively and worked in kitchens across the world. His cooking style presents the experience of different places he worked with.

Luke Thomas

At the age of 18, has taken over the culinary tasks at Sanctum on the Green, the Berkshire country cousin of Soho’s Sanctum Hotel.

Anjum Anand

She is also one of the popular and the youngest chefs of India. A recognizable face in the culinary field of UK.

Sergey berezutskiy

Last, but not the least. One of the youngest and most talented chefs of Russia. He won the overall Young chef of the year award.

Cooking is really an art and hence it is necessary to have passionate chefs in restaurants.


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