Rajdhani – Better than my homemade..a big LOLzz..

I ate all at once! No..seriously!
I ate all at once! No..seriously!

There was only one problem during my migration to Pune. I was upset on losing my favorite rajasthani cuisine.

As well as, It was hard to search an appropriate restaurant for my hubby ji, as he is a great ethnic food lover.

I came to know about “Rajdhani” through my colleagues and since I am from Rajasthan, I grew keen interest in the restaurant. My weekend was now booked for “East Blok, Amanora Town Centre, Hadapsar, Rajdhani.

Things I liked the most were; Urging Staff, Ethnic ambience, and rich food. They made me feel like home. My hubby ji loved it too. They served us Ghee rich, full plate food. My first opt lassuni kadhi with chapatti was OMG yum. If I started drilling down the never ending items with relish description, it will take whole day of me writing it. But I must mention “Gatte ki Sabji, Gajar ka Halwa and some sweet drink” (don’t know its name but was good).

To know “How they work” you can also tour their kitchen. I missed it alas!

I have gone thrice to this place and Guys! This is the place I’d prefer on starving.

One more thing to be taken care, do not try to communicate with Rajdhani fellows in their mother tongue; they will beat you with their accent. They are just awesome. Loved them.

After publish: I was recently searching for them and learned Rajdhani is a Mirah brand, serving quality in Hospitality from decades. Well they are diversified group with spanned paws in various other fields.


  1. Hey! You have a nice blog. 🙂 Looks like we started blogging around the same time! 🙂 Thanks for the follow dear! Btw, I looked at your picture and you looked like you are from Rajasthan :D, but then I saw the surname, ummm Punjabi husband, yeah? 😀

    1. Thanks for commenting Srishty..Yeah born and brought up in Rajasthan and married to a Punjabi guy..Nice observation, I must say. Well there is a specific reason I liked your blog and that is that you love everything around you and like to put that beauty on a notepad. I too, when started blogging, wasn’t knowing what actually I should write about, as I am not interested towards some specific thing. I write what comes from my heart and do not know how much it will be appreciated or viewed by the people. I just write for my inner app satifaction that’s it, and found the same feeling about you – Positive vibes you can say. So thanks again and keep in touch, as I think we have lot in common to share. Have a great and good day!

      1. Thanks for the appreciation. 🙂 Although my favorite areas for blogging remain lifestyle topics like food, style, shopping and books, I know my blog is a mix of other things as well, as of now. Looking forward to more posts from you, Hope to stay in touch. 😀

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