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Himani Khanna, is founder and chief executive officer at She believes every woman under the sun has right to speak her mind and share views and opinions. She quit her IT career and created this space to provide a platform to those who stand for women. To get in touch with great ideas and for any collaborations, send an email to


 Arbuda Pandya, is creative head and research director at betingle. She is the mind behind most of the social stories. She also interviews leading ladies from India and shares their success stories. To submit your women stories or if you want to be featured in our She section, kindly send email to

Rupal Dave is our guest writer who has some ponderable thoughts on culture and religion which people follow blindly. She currently lives in the USA with her family, attached to her roots. To follow her articles, click here. If you have such story to share with our readers, send in your work to

 Bijal Shah is our food writer bringing some interesting food related articles for our foodie readers. She currently lives in Gujarat and has been working with us since the foundation of betingle. To follow her articles, click here. If you have food stories to share with our readers then send in submission to

Dr. Lavanya Sharma is health expert at She is armed with Homeopathy Degree from Rajasthan Vidyapeeth with 10+ years of experience. She shares common health issues found in women and other related medical information. Click here to read more health related articles from Dr. Lavanya Sharma. You can also send  medical stories to