Lazy Sunday recipe:coriander noodle with blue citrus drink

Sunday is the day when most of us expect breakfast to the full capacity. Weekdays are about a few bites while driving to the work or standing at the main door waiting for the school cab. But for me Sunday is all about getting up late and preparing something different. And when I say different it is not another vegetable stuffed in the Parothas but something more delicious which can be enjoyed while watching television. Yes! I start TV the moment we wake up (only Sundays) and turn off when we hit the bed in night. Even if we are not watching anything, still some music channel keeps entertaining us.

Coming back to the Lazy Sunday recipe, I found these noodles today and ditched its ready made spice;

  1. Take a vessel and bring 2-3 cups of water to boil
  2. When it starts boiling add noodles
  3. Add salt as per the taste
  4. img-20170119-wa0018Sieve it
  5. Wash them again with the cold water
  6. Let them dry for 3 to 5 more minutesimg-20170119-wa0010
  7. Meanwhile finely chop some coriander
  8. Take a pan and turn the medium heat
  9. Add 1 tbsp oil
  10. Add noodles and start stirring
  11. Add 1 tsp oregano and keep stirring
  12. img-20170119-wa0016Add chopped coriander and stir more
  13. Serve it hot with blue citrus drinkimg-20170119-wa0012

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