This Pune Woman Has A Whopping Amount Of Fans

As I was saying yesterday that social media can surprise you in many ways. Today, I saw my news feed full of Women’s Day messages. Then there was post of a woman from the same ladies group I follow-PULA. Her name is Gauri and she really writes some interesting stuffs and shares it on every Thursday, which includes her daily moments with kids, and other family members. The interesting part is that she makes those casual moments the funny one by articulating words. She knows how to add harmless spice to the bland moments.
When everybody from the group was waiting for her post, one woman out of nowhere came and took the privilege to write this.

The war started from here

Obviously, Gauri’s fan followers did not take it well and broke on unfair criticism.

And it did not stop here, within few minutes of criticism, women’s fury increased, and there were many such posts. Look below;

 While Women of Pune were showing the real side of Women’s Day, our famous and funny Gauri replied well and calmly.


Not losing a moment our critic replied to Gauri’s comment very sharply and smartly;

To which Gauri finally replied;

Now whatever it is, betingle team appreciates women who have guts to speak their mind like our critic of the day, and to those who had the back of Gauri and supported her posts and of course to Gauri who has a great fan following.

Happy Women’s Day.


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