An Awkward MeetΒ 

“I cannot take better pictures”
“Of course you can. I think you do not have complete knowledge of your camera. You have no idea what you can do with this.”
“Then show me.”
He pulled chair and sat next to me. He smelled so nice. His shirt touched my shoulder slightly and my entire body got the goosebumps. He did not notice it though. We performed extremely cool and focused on the blog and images. I felt butterflies in my stomach at some moments, for example when his eyes caught mine, but we controlled somehow.
Reyansh and I were sitting at the backside of the mall in the CCD territory. It was peaceful with less mass. We did not want to go another eatery and nor interested sitting inside a mall as it was weekend with full rush. We ordered two coffees from CCD to keep us going. Three hours and two coffees each; time flew like a breeze.
“So next time use these features according to the light.”-he said while packing his bag.
“Alright, but for this blog I am using these current images. I cannot go again to these eateries and start from the scratch.”
“Ok, no issues but make sure next time you do good with the given features of this camera.”-he winked and stared into my eyes for a while.
“Sure.”-I removed my eyes suddenly from his and started packing my belonging.
“I hate him when he looks at me like that.”-I threw pillow on the floor while shouting.
“But I also enjoy when he does that.”-I said that calmy though while sitting on the bed.
“You are gone girl.”-Angie picked pillow from the floor and threw at my face.
That entire night I kept staring outside the balcony and relived the moments I spent with Reyansh.
“I think its gonna rain. I am smelling it.”-Angie said while making her bed.
“Hmm.”-I only replied this and kept staring outside.
“Hello Reyansh,

Wow! This theme looks nice. It also matches my style. I love white. At first I thought it is very basic, but once I started posting the images it made sense. I think white background is always safe and cool for a blog. Also, I have posted the blog with the images we had finalized. Look at it and let me know. I have a question, how people are going to notice it?


Reyansh had sent me one theme for our blog through his personal email. Before leaving for the office he emailed me one black and white blog theme. I looked the theme once again and loved it. Colorful food images will absolutely look amazing on it, I thought.
Angies was right, it started to rain heavily. She was in the office and it made me worried.
“How is she going to come with no transport on road? Lets wait till the evening, it might stop.”-I thought.
I started writing for my clients without realizing when time flew. I checked the clock and it was 7:00 in the evening. It was already dark due to dense clouds. I called Angie as it was still raining.
“Hey! Dollu I think I am gonna stay at my colleague’s PG. She has talked to her landlady and she has granted me the permission. Hope you will be able to stay alone for one night.”-Angie said in one breath.
“Alright..Uh..ohh”-As I said this one word and the electrcity went off.
“What happened? Do you want me to come? I can arrange something”-Angie asked.
“No no, do not come here. The novel I was reading just fell from my hand. That’s it.”-I lied to make her calm. I did not want to bother her.
Angie would usually bring the food for our dinner. Today, I had to manage it. I looked outside the balcony, it was impossible to go outside where roads were overflowing.
I checked my refrigerator and found two buns, ate them with tea and still craved. I checked for some more food but eneded up finding one small packet of popcorn.
“I am gonna die hungry tonight God”-I said to myself and sat on the kitchen floor resting my head on the fridge door. I stayed there for a while as I was afraid to walk alone in the apartment. Creepy scenes from the famous hollywood horror movies started flashing into my mind. I had enough. I managed to reach to my mobile to call Angie, to tell her I do not care how you will reach here but come as I might die. My Karma had decided to test my courage, my phone gone off. In the course of finishing client’s task I forgot to charge it. I crawl on the floor to reach to the bed and hid myself inside the quilt. The Conjuring scene where devil pulls the leg of that girl kept flashing into my mind. I shrunk my foot to my chest and started counting numbers on my fingers to get rid of those scary thoughts.
My stomach was aching due to hunger and mind could not get rid of those scary thoughts. I missed those eatieries I visited the other day, missed chola kulcha, cup cakes and tea across the road. I do not know when I slept and started dreaming.
I got chills in my spine when the door bell rang. That voice in the silence scared me from the core. At once I thought to ignore it and go back to sleep, but it kept ringing. In anger I managed to come outside the quilt and started crawling on the floor to reach to the door, peeked through the peephole but it was a vain. I collected the courage and opened the door slowly, tilted my head to peep out. My eyes were wide open to see a black shadow which was carrying something heavy in hand. It was definitely not Angie. I screamed loudly and pushed the door hard to shut it before that intruder comes in. It brought the leg between the door and turned the mobile torch.
“Idiot, its me REYANSH.”

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