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Dollu is an independent woman, working behind a desk each day is not her cup of tea; café coffee day, gardens, terrace, balcony and sometimes bed are her favorite workstations. She takes content writing projects on contract (lined up by her consultants) and works on her terms. Coloring each element that she faces every day is something she enjoys, except love. She got betrayed once and do not want to be tricked again.  She dates, but tends to leave boys before they could.


Like every parent, even her parents want to hook her. Every time they set a meeting with a boy and his family, she either escapes with the help of her brother Chinu or mortifies parents with sarcastic jokes and comments.


But as they say, someone slowly but eventually makes a place in your heart and you do not realize. Reyansh, a digital marketing expert claims he fell for Dollu immediately when he saw her for the first time, chats with her daily and enlivens her dead blog which she started a long time ago.


Angie, Dollu’s best friend and roommate, believes that Reyansh is the one Dollu should fall for. But Dollu remains unknown, as there is no room for love in her life. She enjoys his company and finds a great guide in him. According to her love will ruin that relationship.


Chatting and flirting with random boys on the internet helps her unwind. She thinks she has enough problems to solve until a new one arrives at her door.

A tragedy introduces her with-Aaron, a 3 year old boy.

How Aaron will change her life? Will she believe in love once again? Will she fall for Reyansh?

This book deals with all such questions.

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