Part 7-Day 3-Simla

Around 5:30 in the morning a bus arrived to take all the passengers to Simla. Mishka came out of the dhaba and stunned to see the sunflower fields. They were not visible in the night. She never saw such a beauty in her life. Around 10:00 she reached Simla. She had a plan to trek to kufri next day.Current day was for Mall road and Christ church. She checked into the hotel room which she had already booked. Entering the hotel room stoppedย her foot for a while. Usually there are four walls in any room, but there were 3. The other part had a glass instead of wall giving a glance of tall trees. It seemed as if she is in the middle of a dense forest. ย She was enjoying her stay at Simla. โ€œAre you a solo traveler?โ€ She was clicking some pictures of the Simla streets when one girl came from behind and asked Mishka. It was a coincidence to see the college gang again. โ€œIf you have no plans would you like to join us for a bike ride from Simla to Manali?โ€ Mishka learnt that their group had one person less in 8 and they hired 4 Royal Enfields. To adjust the rent amount of hired Royal Enfield they proposed Mishka a deal of contribution. In comparison to Kufri,ย this deal seemed more adventurous. They were to leave in the early next morning. How interesting the bullet ride is going to be? What new surprises come to her path when she reaches Manali? And what the rest of the tour will bring to her? To know the answers to the questions, keep reading, โ€œA girl with invisible wings.โ€

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