Part One-At Present

Mishka was a dependent girl. She lived in a joint family. Including Uncles and Aunts there were 12 people living under one roof. She was the most pampered among 4 cousins and 1 sibling. She was a graduate and recently got a call from Ahmadabad. Company wanted to hire her as a fresher. The joining was in 15 days. It was a good opportunity she does not want to let go. She had never lived alone before, but her job demanded that. It was a dilemma whether to accept or let go. Her parents also felt she should find job within the city as they knew their girl will need someone by her side always. It annoyed Mishka. She tried to take charge of lot many things on her own but never reached the finish line. What will she do? Will she let go the offer letter or take a bold step? Stay tuned.

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