Reason To Love

You get so many reasons to tell why you are not happy with the love life. It is so obvious to get influenced by the love stories. A tiny little drop comes into your eyes when a hero treats his girl like no one else can do. I met this girl who said to me that how romantic it is to get flowers on the meeting, to hear about a surprise romantic date, to have hand in his hand in the mall and to rest on his shoulder when both are on the way to home. She continued by saying, “This is what every girl dreams of, but none of us in real life gets that moment”.
And then I met this girl too, she was also into a relationship and I was curious to know her status. I started throwing ill words about men not treating their women fine. I talked about flowers, she said, “He gets routine products and helps me in the daily chores. I feel guilty of taking his help but you have to work that way when you live in a nuclear family”. I asked about romantic dinner, she answered, “We do not get time to go out for a dinner, since we are now proud parents we spend most of the time at home only. Earlier we used to go out and watch some movie or eat dinner at fine restaurant but now we mostly spend time together at home. On weekdays after office, the only thing he wants to see first is his cub. On weekends, they do all the daily routines together (except few lols) like bathing, eating. I know he loves his freedom on weekend but still he makes sure I am enjoying it”. I was not going to fail, I threw another ball which was about holding hand in hand. Haha, this time I win, I was thinking. She smiled and replied, “Yes, you are correct, he hates being touched in public and asks me to stay away. He becomes shy when I try to hold his hand”. And there I was with a smile on my face on winning this war. But she was not done, “But when he doesn’t like being touched why he grabs my shoulder tightly (which is painful) pulls me hardly and holds my hand just to make sure I cross the road safely and says that he will never believe that I can cross a road properly, what will happen if I am not there to hold you”. Tears were there but did not come out, instead I woke up and felt it was all a dream. I was talking to myself. I was both the negative one and the positive. My inner soul was judging my own questions.
Where few of us put status “unhappy” without giving a second thought, others are already awake and out of fairy tales and enjoy life in positive manner.

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