A Small Gift For Her Son

So she and I decided to divide the tasks today. She took the charge of daily chores including Meet and I gave my whole day to this Popsicle stick task.

Her five year old son, Atharv, needed to submit this craft by tomorrow. I asked her to bring all the required material and meanwhile, I would pick the best and easy item can be built in time. So this is what I did:

I asked her son to choose colour for every stick and I will paint the same. When we had number of coloured sticks, I started with chair, then table, then Photo frame, and at last a pencil stand.

The Study Area
The Study Area

It took half of the day; I and Atharv (craft boy) sat and did lots of chatting. I never got a chance in 2 years to learn him. I , then, suddenly realized that why parents are required to get involve into their children’s project activity, so that they can bond  and spend some quality time with their little ones.

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