Why am I here?

Me in a Book Store
Me in a Book Store
I do not watch action, thriller, or drama movies, instead I watch chick flicks, family and light-hearted movies in which I do not have to use my mind, or to worry who will rescue heroine from baddie, or who will stop atrocities being done on daughter-in-laws. Hell! do I or anybody really need to do brainstorming analysis on such kind of moviesย except makers because its their job & except our mothers well we cannot stop them.
You are already busy completing important tasks for which you are accountable. There is already loads of pain your heart and mind is carrying. You yourself have embarked unnecessary tasks on your shoulders. So why giving more pain to your mind, just switch on the TV and watch something that makes you smile, & laugh.
Whatever is written above is just a tip, there are many other things doing which you can be delighted. Like what I do; WRITING.
This page and my blog doesnโ€™t consist content for specific readers but whatever comes to my mind; I hope positive and I do not want anybody to go under contemplation & speculation . It is just the way keeping myself relaxed. Writing practice relieves me from the burdens I am carrying unnecessarily on my heart, like example burden of work that I do not have to worry about which I do carry despite of getting understood thousand times by Mayank.
I wish all the readers thanks for liking me and my writing.

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