So what did you do this Weekend?

Every Monday when I come to the office, every one there asks me the same question, “So what did you do this weekend?” I first think what answer the questioner is expecting, did I go some movie? Did I enjoy nightlife at some posh disc? Any trip I made to nearby destinations? and they are right, I tell them truth, “Nothing exciting, watched movie, went famous disc and enjoyed one entire day at beach”. As expected, same question was fired again today morning, I wanted to tell truth this time too, truth which was exciting this time and I was excited to tell each and every moment of this weekend that how small, not so interesting things made my weekend wonderful. I was about to reveal when suddenly my heart shouted from inside, “Jerk, you are in the office. Shallow people expect sophisticated answers. How can you even think to plate unproductive things you implemented? Will u say that?
–    I picked random edibles from my refrigerator, experimented new recipe and proved my culinary worthless.
–    I put one nail paint shade on alternative nails and other shade on remaining nails.
–    I purchased sticky notes of three different colors, wrote funny things, upcoming goals (for example, how to reduce weight, which is impossible, as I cannot resist my food app) and adhered them on my refrigerator.
–    I watched chick flicks teenage movies; “Mama mia!”, “The Hannah Montanna Movie”, “Ramona & Beezus” & realized how much more hell I could have done during my childhood.
–    I amalgamated both African dance and Bhangara on some Country song and got my body up on the feet to dance.

Will you tell what happened after that?
My kitchen was an entire mess. It took my entire 1 hour settling untidy kitchen and washing dishes. I was looking gothic after applying those colorful paints on my nails. Refrigerator suddenly had changed to a board where I and my husband wrote creepy things, read it, and gave celebratory high five. Inventing new dance form gave me backbone ache and it’s currently paining like hell.
Will they understand?
This entire week I enjoyed doing these nuisance not so acceptable weird things. They pleased me from inside. Yes, I enjoy doing all of them. It was me there and nobody else. Nobody was dictating me, requesting me to prepare this and that, to tide clothes, to brush teeth, to take shower. Also, I felt like a bachelor and teen after such a long time.

Finally opted for similar shade on all
Finally opted for similar shade on all

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