My Idea of Perfect Kitchen

Juicy lamb, marinated ambrosial chicken, beautifully plated prawns and fish force to break regular cuisine barrier. Post is not about the alacrity on nicely presented non vegetarian food but background decoration done by the art director. Food channels through bottled food, English, French, wholegrain mustard, various types of vinegar, clean, modular, and eye striking kitchen successfully make us sold on. Culinary in itself is a different world – world of wine, sweet spreads, herbs & spices, dairy products and much more but double the fun becomes to work in a lovely kitchen.

Top 5 ideas to be implemented on prospective kitchen:

Barbeque in lawn area: Marinating chicken and grilling it on barbeque with a beer in hand is what a perfect weekend idea anybody would want.

outdoor view from my kitchen, isn't it col
outdoor view from my kitchen, isn’t it col

Make it green: Instead of throwing bottles utilize them planting lots of bonsais and herbs all over the kitchen especially window side and give kitchen different look and feel.

Center worktop: Corner and wall adjacent worktops are harder to maintain and clean. Center worktop leads easily to all the kitchen areas and extractor helps to minimize dirt.

One for one: Get set of containers of all the sizes of same color (complementing your wall color) and fill all the spices in it. Dedicate other shelf to juice, squashes, alcohol and other bottled items, do the same with crystal items like martini, beer and wine glasses. This will help stuff be in place and organized.

Love your kitchen: Last but the most important thing keep kitchen clean, clean it immediately after completing the food preparation. Believe you would not resist keep coming into kitchen again and again.

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