Morning Memories

Sound Sleep
Sound Sleep

I love to dream and therefore developed the skill of sleeping so sound that it was almost impossible to wake me up from my slumber. Mother would set the alarm hoping the humble gadget can make a difference to my sleep. The alarm would itself go off to snooze after more than ten unsuccessful attempts. Mother would pull the sheet, hold me, shake me up and say, “Get up, get ready for school.” I would move a bit to make her feel that I am up. When she walked away to the kitchen, I would pull the sheet over to my face and sleep for another five minutes which were often longer than quarter of an hour.

Papa could easily crack into my laze to get ready for school. He had a bag of great tricks to wake me up from the doze which would work without a fail. One of his sweetest tricks was to put two drops of milk on my lips, which I would eventually lick with my tongue out. This was an instant wake-me-up trick.

All such tricks were pulled out on me as I was the lazy one out of the two siblings. Abu would get up at the buzz of the alarm, get ready early enough to have the breakfast properly and walk up to the spot where our school bus came to collect us. She is as punctual as a clock could be.

I was good at time management, but in a different way. I would leave the bed twenty minutes prior to the time for the school bus to come and pick us. The morning twenty minutes schedule was divided into fixed tasks. For instance, three minutes for brushing teeth, five minutes to take a bath, another five minutes to put on the uniform, socks and shoes. Still would have six minutes on hand to fit in any other thing each morning. Oh yes, how can I forget this, my remaining time used to go in queuing my two equally partitioned hair shown by long clean scalp. The hair parting didn’t come out quite good most of the time, but I would manage. Once that was done, I would put on my school bag and run out of the house to reach the bus stop where Abu had already arrived. Seeing the bus move, I would scream from meters away pleading Abu to ask the bus driver to stop.

Now when I look back and recall all the memories of the blissful past, I wish those pretty days could come back ones again.

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