Me against Sublimity- Me against Sister

Oh c'mon I love her...

Me saw sister standing by window watching crowd down holding something in her hands (2nd floor of house).

Me: What are you holding in your hand?

Sister: Chocolate, dad gave me few minutes back.

Me: Why did he give it you only, why not me?

Sister: Do not know, just because he saw me first he handed this to me and wanted it to be shared when we are together.

Me grabbing chocolate from her hand: May be, maybe not. Your teeth are not grown yet, and you might get that cavity thing. Now let it be with me and you lay off.

Sister: But dad gave it to me, I deserve it first, I somehow respect the fraternity and offer half of it to you.

Me: So me, now instead of telling you another way of arrogation let us make this thing simple, go up and ask him for another chocolate. I am the first child and I deserve to be loved first, so technically I deserve the chocolate first.

Sister grabbing back the chocolate: I tried harmony between us, but since it is in vain I am keeping this entire chocolate with me.

Me pushing her hard out ofΒ the window: Oh you little imp in my life.

Me after a second realize: Holly ****, I am so gone now, I believe no one has seen that.

Me pretending nothing had happened go on roof: Hey Maa,

Mother: What? where is your little sister?

Me: Umm..Umm I do not know must be playing downstairs with jimmy (dog), really no idea.

Mother: Alright! Help me get those pickle bottles let me go and check her.

Me in action [Bell Rings]

Mother: Coming Mother gazes down from the roof: Hey! How are you Mrs. Vyas?

Neighbor: Where is your little daughter Mrs Pandya?

Mother: Umm..must be playing downstairs why?

Neighbor: I respect your way of raising and caring your little ones but I wonder who this girl lying in my arms then. She quite resembles you, see.

Mother almost pale: Oh my lord! Rushes down, opens up the main door, grabs my sister in arms, and retorts neighbor: What happened to her?

Neighbor: We saw her laid in sewer. She is out cold and shivering, we must take her to the nearby hospital.

Doctor: She is fine; I wonder how come she did not get even a scratch on her body. Mother retorts him while gazing me: Well I absolutely have no idea on this but damn sure these scratches will soon be found on someone who deserves.

Me Opps!

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