Journey of my Commercial life!

Me with staff
Me with staff

I will not tell any inspiring story or give winning speech but communicate what I have come through during my corporate experiences.

It is always new and first for anybody stepping towards anything. And that anything teaches you various lessons that might not sound interesting to you currently but will definitely help you someday somehow in any manner.

Today, I am sharing you my company wise experiences.  Also, that will help me look back and realize weaknesses I have overcome.

Company 1 – You are no more a teen-ager – Mind it

–          This is the time when you are done with the college but not with the friends. This is the time your teacher’s duty is paid, but you still have to fulfill your duties.

–          I remember my earlier office days when I used to be less professional and more sensitive. Every little thing was a disaster for me. I used to yell, blame, and become sad on nuisance topics which probably had nothing to do with my career or future. But I was more expressive than progressive, which put me inside the mourning for long time. I somehow managed and made up to the next organization.

Company 2- Yes Gender bias is everywhere- You ought to know how to handle them

–          I wanted to achieve everything but new networks. I used to talk as much as was necessary. I developed hobby to get aggressive on exposure with someone. Consequences, I made big bad impression of me on others. They used to talk to me less which made me more heated. To think I have learnt everything in life; I was wrong.

–          One more thing made me irritated was gender bios. I was sitting with one of my colleagues in the office premises and heard one male colleague talking to other colleagues on the topic, “Girls are meant to hearth runs”.

“Will you ever allow your wife to do a job?” – one of them asked to the same guy.

His answer boiled me with anger, “She will glare on my head, which neither me nor my family will tolerate.” Other males agreed.

(Few months back I heard from my fellow from the same office that the same guy is seeking a job for his wife. A Hindi cliché’, “DAL, AATA prices were revealed.” A BIG LOLS…)

–          I made a bad relationship with all my male colleagues after knowing their narrow thoughts. Maintaining distance because of this incident was just not the only reason; gender discrimination was also the reason which hurt me badly from inside.

–          I was angrier than ever.

Company 3- Do it or leave it-Show what you have got

–          I charged myself this time for the new company and vowed to concentrate only on the things I suppose to deliver. That place offered me numerous things to learn, to know, to explore, to experiment. I would say, I wouldn’t have done up till, if that company or better I should say the fellows I met (this time I would not say colleagues) would not have supported me; not professionally but mentally. I then realized what I need from my life and what will make me satisfied. The only thing, making me aggressive, impatient, impulsive was the lack of satisfaction. I became more intellectual. This was the phase I opted myself towards Analysis and writing; mentally.

Company 4- Hardly matters what you have got, be cynic

–          After realizing my skills in, I became workaholic. I used to sit nights and days to prove myself even better. But hard work did not spell.

–          My godfather always says, “Be a smart worker & not hard worker.” I have my keen observation on my current boss. He interacts well and has ability to prove his points. He creates harmony between bad and good and strikes. I readily read him and my current life phase ends here.

P.S.: One should always continue to learn. Learning never ends.

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