I Love you my Little Angel!

Me with Sisters
Me with Sisters

Today I am writing for the concern towards the little angel in my life; she is known by the name of; Kavya. I was seeing comments and updates done by her yesterday on FB. Numerous thoughts and questions started playing into my mind, like, OMG! Is she grown enough to comment and answer on such ripened posts? When she made so many friends? How come so many followers she has on her FB account? All these things were crawling into my brain, (Seriously! I could have got migraine by this). I somehow settled myself and called AB and took her into the remand, knowing this that she is out Bhopal for her journalism training.

“Calm Down! She is a grown kid now”, she tried to silent me and continued, “She understands what she do, and if not she ought to know. We cannot dictate her everything, she will have to be capable enough to solve her own problems. Let her experience the life and learn from it.  This is how we brought ourselves to this level today. Her sweet little speech made me comfortable. This was the first time we did not quarrel, I listened her carefully.

When it comes to attending Kavya, I trust her completely. Kavya has also a strong bonding with her. She manages well with AB on any matter. She talks to AB and they discuss and come to some conclusion very easily. And I am no more than a venerable in her life. My strong words and critics make her apprehensive, it probably happens because of my concern on her (I hope she understands that), which I should lessen now.

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