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Me with Mother-in-Law
Me with Mother-in-Law

I was down to my cafeteria to take lunch with the book my best companion during my loneliness. I always prefer place that has less surroundings, and today again I searched myself that kind of place. I was enjoying afternoon meal with the book namely; “34 bubblegum and candies” –  by Preeti Shenoy,  environment was quiet until a group of girls pulled chairs and sat equal to my table. An old cliché woman’s ear is more on what others are talking; truly speaking interest grows more if the topic is domestic. The topic was, “So how’s your married life going, is your Mother-in-Law modern?

You must listen the answer, “Yeah! She is alike today’s generation, she loves watching English movies and organizes kitty parties every weekend with her colony friends, you know last kitty party was held at our place we offered our guests Pijja”, I was about to burst in laughter on new food item recently invented by that girl “Pijja” but somehow tried to manage myself. One of her friends interrupted her, “No we mean if someday you want to have a pajama party with all of us or want to go out for a weekend with your husband without taking them with you, will she happily allow you?”, I raised my eyes towards her slightly in a manner that nobody could see me doing that and expected the same cheer on her voice that she had few minutes back while praising her mother-in-law. Head over heels the girl had no words and gave affirmation in diffidence. I was now smiling and left as nothing was left to hear more.

During my way to workstation, I was thinking if the same was asked to me I would answer it in this way;

For me a person is not modern until he let other people (especially acquaintances) enjoy their lives as much as he wants.

As on to the matter of my Mother-in-Law, Yes she is modern; she lets me do whatever I want to. (Of-course I need permission alike all the daughter-in-laws)

She asks me my favorite cuisines, gives hours to prepare it, and makes me write down the ingredients so that I could prepare the same during my stay in Pune.

We both sit together take hold of respective cup of half-filled tea, merge all the jewelries we have in our account, unload luggage from the briefcase and Almirah and spread saris and suits on bed and put matching jewelries top on them. These tiny things make us happy and strengthen love from both the sides. From my side it I would say it respect than love.

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